I fell in love with Porsche when I was a little kid. I remember calling every sports car the "porsche". Only a few years later I got it right. And the Porsche love started to evolve.

This is our little side-love project. We create custom car and bikes T-shirts. Hence, these Porsche T-shirts. You’ll find the Porsches that inspired our T-shirts below. You might have experienced the same porsche crush.

Porsche 356 Speedster T-shirt

I’ll be frank with you. Had Dylan not driven Porsche Speedster in 90210 the crush would have never started. There is something magical about this porsche. It’s cute. It’s rebelious. The low windshield. The simplicity. Did you know it was made as a small and cheap roadster for the USA? Californians loved it! I would have loved that too. It’s my teenage dream. Now, it is a porsche so valuable that it lost some of the beauty it had half a century ago. Still, a magnificent car.

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1981 Porsche 911 SC T-shirt

OK, we’ll go personal once again. I was born in 1981, and this might not be absolutely objective. 1981 Porsche 911 is the adult version of the 911's first generation. Bold, sporty. Fast, mean. The performance supercar. This is the real Porsche. I told you, not objective. I would drive this porsche day and night. Without a question, without a slightest hesitation.

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1987 Porsche 944 Turbo T-shirt

Some think of 944 as a less of a Porsche... well, I don't. Friend of mine bought 944 S2 last year from Germany. It's so fun to drive! And it doesn't cost a fortune. I guess that would be the main differentiator for most of us. Then, 944s are going to be nice collectable cars in a few years.

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Neunelfer Porsche 911 T-shirt

When I was a little boy and saw a car with at least a little bit of a sports look, I called it a Porsche. Porsche was the general name for a sports car. I found out about nine eleven in my later years (I remember the summer of 1996 when I bought the first toy model like it was yesterday). The mighty nine eleven. The Neunelfer.

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Porsche 911 964 T-shirt

If the name Benjamin Dimson means something to you... well, you really must be a Porsche 964 fan. These are my personal favorites (= one of the childhood supercars). I have to admin, I didn't know it was the first model with Tiptronic and all-wheel drive. I just loved the look. It's a classic.

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Porsche 968 T-shirt

The different one. The Porsche 968. It was the entry level option in the 90s. But look at it. Does it look like an entry level option? The fact, that Porsche manufactured 968 only for a few years is maybe more positive now than it has been twenty years ago. I think it shows something about the owner, that he chose the 968. Don't you think?

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And that’s all.

We made these T-shirts because we love them. Both, Porsches and cool T-shirts. If you want one, go find it in our online store :)